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This lab configurator helps you design the laboratory you need based on the disorder panel and sample volume.

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Specimen Gate
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Specimen Gate® newborn screening software

Total process management for your newborn screening laboratory.

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DBS Puncher™ Instrument

DBS Puncher™ Instrument is an automated device for punching dried blood spot samples into microtitration plates. The 2-plate capacity puncher is an easy-to-use, robust option for lower capacity screening.

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Panthera-Puncher™9 Instrument

Panthera-Puncher™9 Instrument is the next-generation automated dried blood spot sample punching device with an automatically adjusting punch pattern. Thanks to its outstanding ergonomics, enhanced traceability and unique 9-plate capacity, Panthera-Puncher instrument allows you to process sample materials with optimum efficiency and performance.

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AutoDELFIA® Instrument

AutoDELFIA® immunoassay system is the leading neonatal screening platform withmore than 300 million screenings to its credit. Fully automatic and easy to use, AutoDELFIA System has become the solution of choice for laboratories around the world, and has helped thousands of children start life with a fighting chance.

The AutoDELFIA kit includes reagents, QC material and specific QC certificates.Barcoded plates confirm that plates are loaded in correct order, and worklists are picked up based on the plate barcode.

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AutoDELFIA® Instrument

AutoDELFIA is a fully automatic system for sensitive and reproducible quantitation of analytes commonly used in neonatal screening programs.

All kits employ the sensitive and robust DELFIA® chemistry, based on timeresolved fluorescence. Every assay stage including measurement is performed automatically and results are easy to interpret and manage.

Worklists from the punching device can be interpreted automatically, and positivesample IDs are provided for superior traceability if using barcoded sample collections cards.

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VICTOR™ 2D Instrument

VICTOR™ 2D Instrument is the ideal measurement platform for low volume laboratories. Easy to use and reliable, Victor2 provides start-up screening programs with the right balance of cost-effectiveness and control.

  • Easy to use and reliable measurement device
  • Preset protocols for neonatal assays based on time-resolved fluorescence (TSH, T4, 17-OHP, IRT) or prompt fluorescence (PKU, GALT, TGAL, BTD, G6PD)
  • MultiCalc software included for result calculation
  • QC control and communication with LIMS
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EnLite™ Neonatal TREC Instrument

EnLite™ Neonatal TREC Instrument is PerkinElmer’s platform for molecular screening of severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). This complete system includes ready-to-use reagents, a Victor™EnLite instrument and dedicated software. Combined with continuous support and effective training, Enlite Neonatal TREC system stands out as the practical approach to SCID screening.

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QSight® 210 MD Instrument

The QSight® 210 MD Screening system is designed for routine high throughput quantitation. With easy to use instrument control software, the ability to automatically download sample and control information, a mass spectrometer designed to reduce maintenance and repair and data analysis software designed to make it quick and easy to review results, the QSight® 210 MD Screening system makes it easy to run thousand samples per day.

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QSight® 210 MD Instrument

With the QSight 210 MD, you get:

  • A simple three-step method setup that saves time
  • Unique StayClean™ source that eliminates daily and periodic maintenance – for up to 15% more uptime
  • Laminar Flow Ion Guide™, reducing the need for instrument retuning
  • Modular mass spec design that simplifies maintenance and repair
  • Easy-to-use database software that simplifies data review and analysis, saves time, and minimizes error
  • Ability to download worklists, internal standards, and calibration information directly into software, eliminating transcription errors
  • Remote instrument diagnosis software that quickly identifies problems before they occur
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GSP® Instrument

GSP® Instrument is the most advanced screening platform for neonatal dried blood spot assays and the system of choice for medium to large laboratories. Performing all assay stages automatically with superior accuracy and traceability, GSP instrument supports our complete range of analytes and employs several measurement techniques for screening of core NBS disorders. From plate loading to results output,GSP instrument offers laboratories outstanding efficiency and confidence throughout the screening process.

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GSP® Instrument

More flexible workflow

  • The gsp instrument is optimized for continuous sample loading. The loaded plates are processed automatically or users can prioritize the order in which plates are processed.

Reduced risk of errors

  • Plates, reagents, qc materials and lot specific qc certificate information are all barcoded to support improved traceability and ease of use.

Safer and more convenient

  • Gsp can be connected directly to a deionized water supply and waste line, so you no longer need to add water and drain the waste. The cooled reagent compartment also eliminates the need to unload reagents after assay runs and improves screening accuracy.

Laboratory friendly

  • The gsp instrument is easy for laboratory staff to learn to use, and is controlled via an intuitive touch-screen interface. The instrument requires minimal user training and supports effective staff rotation.

Improved results management

  • The gsp workstation software tracks your laboratory workflow effectively, so you obtain reliable, quality controlled results with maximum efficiency.
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GSP® Instrument

GSP Neonatal kits are the industry standard for analytical performace and reliability. Each kit includes reagents, QC material and specific QC certificates. Barcoding reduces the risk of errors, and all calibrators and controls come in dried blood spot format.

Automation and environmental controls ensure that screening accuracy is clearly improved when compared with manual assays. This also reduces the need for additional sample runs and allows for more effective use of laboratory resources.

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Migele™ Gel Electrophoresis Unit

Migele™ Gel Electrophoresis Unit works with the RESOLVE™ hemoglobin kit to detect hemoglobinopathies in newborns and adults, including sickle cell disease and other haemoglobin variants and thalassemias.

Manage your entire screening process

Newborn screening generates vast amounts of data that require continuous tracking.

Specimen Gate® software is designed to simplify the data collection and workflow processes involved with receiving specimens, screening for abnormalities, managing patient information, generating reports, and following up abnormal and unsatisfactory specimens.

By including Specimen Gate you receive exceptional advantages

  • Reduce complexity - By connecting all instruments bi-directly into one software you can monitor the screening process across the lab from one workstation
  • Save time and efforts - easy to use data entry, workflow management and reporting throughout the screening process
  • Confident results in no time - automated result categorization, in-built convenient data management and analysis tools
  • Safe and reliable - Incorporated safety features that minimizes human errors and ensures peace of mind – full traceability and automated potential issue identification
  • Smart connectivity – obtain and provide data, such as patient demographic data and results, electronically from external systems and stakeholders

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Specimen Gate

Specimen Gate® Newborn screening software Product may not be available in all countries. Please check availability with your local PerkinElmer representative.

Specimen Gate® is the result of years of continuous development, and the product is widely used in all parts of the world. Specimen Gate® software modules provide control and monitoring tools for the entire screening process.

The product recommendations and workflow timing examples suggested by the lab configurator are general examples. Products may not be available in all countries. To find the optimal solution for your laboratory, please contact your local PerkinElmer representative.

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